Sport Custom Orthotics

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Sport Orthotics feature a reinforced arch for increased support and shock absorption for those with a more active lifestyle. They provide extra support and control with extrinsic rear foot and intrinsic fore foot posts. Suitable for arch or heel pain, plantar fascitis, pronation & support.

Product Features:

  • PTU Flexible Shell
  • Perforated Eva Top Cover
  • Cushioned Arch Support Insole
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Custom Sport Orthotics

In addition to the many other types of insoles we create for shoes at New York OrthoLab, we also handle custom sport orthotics for those with active lifestyles. These insoles help support the feet during the periods of increased intensity that go along with playing any sport—or with regular athletic activity. The inserts are crafted carefully right here in Long Island, New York, and they are made by an expert team with over 15 years of experience in the field. Many high-level athletes wear custom orthotics for sports activities and regular training.

Why Sports Orthotics?

Both athletes and regular exercisers can benefit from having footwear that works to support feet in a variety of different ways. A custom orthotic insert can provide this type of assistance. The heel area and arch benefit from additional support for sports, since the amount of force increases on these areas of the foot with higher levels of activity. In addition, this type of orthotic should also have more cushion to help protect the foot from impact.

Regular vs. Sport Orthotics

Regular orthotics are not designed for the type of additional impact that comes with higher levels of activity. Custom orthotics designed for sports are tailored to this kind of increased demand, with additional arch support and cushioning in the rear and front of the foot. This can assist with pronation issues, heel or arch pain, and conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Our sports orthotics come with a PTU flexible shell and perforated top cover.

Shock Absorbing Insoles

The shock absorption properties of New York OrthoLab custom athletic orthotics provide protection for the foot during activity. This cushioning helps decrease the impact of sports and/or an active lifestyle on muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It can also help keep the foot in its proper biomechanical form inside the shoe. In addition, sports orthotics make a shoe more comfortable, and can lower the amount of overall foot fatigue during activity.

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